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About us

  • Wiener Cadet "CEO"

    About Instant Realty Inc - We represent you or your property in the purchase or sale of real estate does not just get you one of the city's best trained and hardest working agents, you also get the benefit of Instant Realty's leadership strategies every step of the way. 


    Industry Leaders - Our market research has shown us that New York's consumers trust an established brand. Instant Realty Inc has provided real estate services since 1995. While always looking ahead, we remain faithful to the firm's ideals integrity, courtesy, market knowledge, and the professionalism of our agents. Buying or selling your home is a major life experience. Your partnership with Instant Realty Inc and our team of knowledgeable real estate advisors will make the process as engaging and satisfying as the result. 
    Instant Realty Inc was founded by Wiener Cadet since 1995.  Instant Realty has been a very successful company. It’s very competitive in the real property and other services in the United States and Foreign Countries. What makes Instant Realty unique is the kind of service provided within the community and abroad.


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Our Services

  • 1

    Property Management

    We offer all type of Property Management Services.

  • 2

    Rental Properties

    Are you looking for a house or an apartment to rent?. We can accommodate you instantly.

  • 3

    Income Taxes

    We will prepare your income tax for you. Business or personal to get you the most return possible.

  • 4

    Law Firm

    Do you need a lawyer?. We can get you one to help you with any issues that you need help with ( immigration, criminal civil).

  • 5

    Travel Agency

    Are you looking for that perfect vacation. Let us find you a great vacation package for you.

  • 6

    Document Translation

    We translate all types of documentation. Request a free quote or consultation.

  • 7

    Resume Writing

    First-rate professional custom resume writing service, providing helpful career tips and more to help get your career on track.

  • 8

    Notary Public

    New York Notary Public