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Rental application terms & conditions

I. Tenant agrees to deposit with Landlord on the signing of this agreement the sum alone month rent, which shall be held as a security deposit. Landlord is to make no alterations and is not to be bound by any oral agreements or promises.

2. In consideration of said deposit and the holding of the above mentioned apartment for me, as hereinafter provided. I agree to take the said apartment and do hereby lease the same, and agree to sign current standard lease and rider submitted by Landlord.

3. This agreement shall become binding on Landlord only after acceptance by Landlord's Agent; the mailing or delivery of lease by Landlord's Agent to tenant, at either business or residential address of tenant, shall constitute notice of such acceptance. Notwithstanding such acceptance or the signing and returning of lease by tenant, Landlord or Landlord's Agent may return said deposit and cancel this agreement by notice thereof by registered mail within thirty days from the date hereof, for any reason within the discretion of the landlord or land:ord's agent.

4. If tenant does not sign and return to Landlord's Agent the lease mailed or delivered to tenant, together with any payments provided therein to be made within seven days after the date of said lease. Landlord or Landlord's Agent may, at their option, cancel this agreement upon written notice by registered mail to the tenant and the deposit paid by tenant under this agreement shall be retained as liquidated damages.

5. Tenant agrees not to take possession of said apartment until tenant's references are investigated and accepted by Landlord or Landlord's Agent, the first month's rent and security are paid in full, and the lease signed and returned to tenant by Landlord's Agent

6. Apartments arc rented "As Is" and unless specifically set forth, the Landlord is not obligated to make any repairs or decorations.

7. All alterations must be made in writing and must have Landlord's prior written approval before ANY work may be done.

8. If tenant shall make any false representations: either in this application or orally to induce Landlord into said lease, then Landlord and Landlord's agent, upon ascertainment thereof, may refuse possession to Tenant and elect said lease null and void, or if tenant be in possession, may terminate said lease on five days notice by registered mail; ali the provisions of this paragraph shall survive execution and delivery of said lease.

9. By signing below, Applicant hereby represents all information on this application is true and complete and hereby authorizes verification of all information and credit history for continuing rental consideration or for collection purposes, should that become necessary.

10. I further agree to pay a brokerage commission of 10% on the first Annual rent roll.